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Water Conservation Day in Koshland Park

On Tuesday, July 14, 201, thanks to a grant from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) hosted the Western Addition Beacon youth for an afternoon of Water Conservation Fun!7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2348 Over 100 youth were given a water conservation name badges that stickers were added to as they went through six different stations through out Koshland Park and Garden. The stations were designed by the BEETS to challenge the participating youth with information about conserving water-offering great tips and information along the way. The first station, run by Vinh Hoang and Charome Thomas, asked the youth about conserving water, especially while brushing your teeth and even watering your plants. 7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_23847.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2377At the second station, Meena Khan talked about the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and transpiration. The youth got to build a necklace with beads representing the four stages. 7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2452At station three, run by Carlos Cruz and Gresell Mendoza, youth got to transplant succulents to take home. 7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_24587.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2395Station four with Monique Adams and Caelan Chen informed the youth about where our water comes from (Hetch Hechy Reservoir) and how it takes many steps to get to us. They also talked about the weight of water and everyone got to carry water balloons down steps and place them in buckets. 7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_24077.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2401At the fifth station, Adrian Castano-Romero and Ivan Gladamez did a jeopardy quiz in the basketball court. Right answers gave the youth a few shots at the basket. 7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2423In the sixth and final station, Venyse Sims and Sola Yamamoto talked about water conservation at home. Everyone got to write what they learned on a paper-drop of water. 7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_24457.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2523
After all the youth went through each station, they were treated to a BBQ with hotdogs, chips, popcorn and watermelon. 7.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_24797.14.15-BEETS-Water BBQ_IMG_2513A great day and everyone had a lot of fun learning about conserving water! For many more photos from the day, see our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.

Spring 2014 BEETS begins with trip to Baker Beach!

1.28.14-BEETS-KP_IMG_4987On January 28, 2014 our Spring BEETS Cohort began. This spring, the BEETS Program (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) has seven new teens and five returning from previous sessions. For the first time since 2008, this cohort has more guys than gals—an exciting adventure! They came from a pool of 40 applicants, and we are thrilled to be working with them. Our first day orientation was filled with information about the next four months, and bringing everyone up to speed on code of conduct and what’s to be expected. There was also a tour of Koshland Park and Garden which will be their home base and primary learning site. See more photos from the first day at Koshland Garden on our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream.
A few days later, on Saturday, February 1, 2014 it was off to Baker Beach for a group team building day. Under beautiful skies, the cohort had lunch and set off to explore the area. Baker Beach is part of the Presidio, which was a military base from the founding of San Francisco by the Spanish in 1812 until 1997. In 1904, it was fortified with disappearing gun installations known as Battery Chamberlin, which the teens got to explore and learn about from a park ranger. When the Presidio was decommissioned as a U.S. Army base, it became part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which is administered by the National Park Service.

The teens did a number of team building activities that helped them develop trust within the group. In one activity, half the teens were blindfolded and paired with partner who was tasked to guide them along a path.

In another exercise, the teens worked as a group to accomplish what appeared to be an insurmountable task.
By the end of the day everyone felt more comfortable together and inspired by their creativity and improved decision making skills. A great day had by all!

For more photos from the Baker Beach Day, many taken by our amazing BEETS volunteer, Paige Thornton, please check out our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream.

Gettin’ Down at Booker T. Washington Afterschool

11.21.130BTW-CitizenFilm_IMG_3557On Thursday, November 21, 2013 The BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) joined the after-school program at Booker T. Washington Community Service Center to share their knowledge about gardening, and plant some winter crops. It was also the first day of filming for Citizen Films, a company that’s doing a video of CommunityGrows throughout the growing season. The kids were fascinated with the camera and soon wanted to be garden stars.11.21.130BTW-CitizenFilm_IMG_3726 Here are some photos from our great day. More photos on our Flickr photostream here.