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CommunityGrows Earth Day Scavenger Hunt!

Green Inspirational Spring Quote Facebook Post

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today, we want to take time to observe and appreciate the Earth and the nature that is all around us! This includes our yards and neighborhoods!

The Challenge

CommunityGrows invites you to participate in our Scavenger Hunt challenge! While you are outside or on a walk today, see if you can find:

– a flower for every color in the rainbow
– a leaf or flower that is bigger than your face
– something fuzzy
– a tree that looks young
– a tree that looks old
– a bug that flies
– a bug that crawls
– a flower with a long stem
– a plant that has a strong smell

Message karen@communitygrows.org and tell us what you observed! If you’d like to be featured on our social media, send us a picture or story about your best find (or tag us in your photo!) Good luck everyone!!

Outdoor Mindfulness Exercises for Earth Day (additional activity): Before you head back inside, here’s a short meditation exercise that engages the 5 senses.  shared by Edutopia

While we hope everyone has a chance to experience some nature today, we also want to make sure everyone is safe! So as you take part in the challenge, please be cautious of what you are touching and remember to keep a 6ft distance between others!

Nature Weaving


Shared by Garden & Nutrition Educator Cristina


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or String
  • Pencil or Marker
  • Long Plant Materials (e.g. weed, flower, stem)



Step 1. Cut  short slits in the border of the cardboard around 1inch apart. Do this on both ends of the cardboard, making sure the slits line up with each other.

Step 2. Make a knot at the end of the yarn and place it in one of the top slits of the cardboard; put the other end of the yarn in the bottom slit of the cardboard (make a second knot to secure). Repeat this with every slit of the cardboard.


Step 3. With your plants part start weaving, passing the plant material under the yarn and then up and over the next yarn. Once the plant material is intertwined, gently push it up to the top of the cardboard.

Step 4. Continue to weave plants and move them up gently until the cardboard is filled. Share your creations!


Hot Apple Cider and Homemade DIY Decorations


This weekend, folks braved the rain and came together with CommunityGrows for the annual wreath and card making event! The space was cozy under the tarps, with hot cider in hand, holiday music playing, and friends chatting as everyone created their masterpieces. We are so grateful to Hayes Valley Art Works and Friends of the Urban Forest for being so welcoming and sharing their space! 

BEETS at the Wreath and Card Making Event 12.16.18

One of the best parts of the wreath and card making event is seeing everyone’s different personalities shine through their decorations and drawings! While some kept their wreath simple, others went bold and shiny, and others still created forest themed designs. One thing is certain though, each one had style!


Bummed that you weren’t able to make it this year but still interested in learning how to make a homemade wreath? Check out:   37 Christmas Wreaths You Can DIY

Happy Holidays from all of us at CommunityGrows!