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Health Faire at Ella Hill Hutch

8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3037CommunityGrows joined over fifty partners on Saturday, August 8, 2015 to promote health in the Western Addition community. It was a day when families and youth could learn about services available to them—from CPR demonstrations, blood pressure checks, dental assessments, support programs for school placement, counseling, and other important information about transportation, community events and services. 8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_30418.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3108CommunityGrows shared a row of tables with the Garden Project [that works out of the San Francisco jail], as well as Rainbow Grocery which passed out a ton of produce and healthy food, and 18 Reasons-Cooking Matters. After families and youth went through many stations and filled up their cards with stamps from each table, they were able to pick out backpacks and supplies for the upcoming school year.8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3090
Jay Jordan, our new Garden Educator, passed out seed packets, talked about CommunityGrows programs, and signed up teens for our BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) program.8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3104
AfroSolo hosted this Health Fair in collaboration with the African American Art and Culture Complex, MoMagic, Kaiser Permanente, and St. Mary’s Hospital. It was upbeat and fun, and also included music, food, games, and prizes. Another great event this month to showcase the great work we are all doing in the Western Addition community. 8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_30178.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3065For more photos, see our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.

Ahh.. the Smell of Evergreens and Cider!

TwoOwls-cropped-600pixelsPlease join us Saturday, December 7th for our annual wreath and card making party.
It will be held at the Hayes Valley Apts Community Room at 403 Rose Street, near the corner of Rose and Buchanan Streets (across from the entrance to Koshland Park). The time is 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Make a wreath to take home with evergreen boughs and trinkets, which will be provided. And, there are always delicious refreshments. Children and families are welcome. This event is always fun and you get to meet some wonderful folks and share the holiday spirit.


Harvest Festival!

Harvest Festival this year was a great success, all planned and run by the BEET Rangers! In the morning, the BEET Rangers helped move mulch and compost, take out and harvest winter squash, and prepped beds to plant carrot and radishes for the fall. We harvested some cute little winter squashies to decorate for halloween!

We spread a lot of the compost into our perennial beds and fed our trees their fall compost, giving them deep fertilizing as we move into the new season. A few of the BEET Rangers also painted signs to leave a lasting impression on the garden, making it more beautiful for future groups who come to enjoy the garden.

After our hard work, we went down to Hayes Valley Playground to celebrate with the rest of the neighborhood. The BEET Rangers ran a table about our organization, and helped people plant peas to take home in pots they could decorate themselves. Other BEET Rangers, especially Krystal, Karen, and Jessica, did face painting on lots of little kids. There was a delicious barbeque, and lots of bikes to ride around, including bikes that were welded together so you could ride side by side! It was a great time, and a sweet last event to celebrate with the community and our soon to graduate BEET Rangers

Rebuilding Together was a great success!

Rebuilding Together made our dreams come true! It was really spectacular. We were able to do a lot of great work both in Koshland Garden and John Muir Elementary. All the volunteers were so great and helpful, their hard work makes such a difference, and is so appreciated!

Here are some of the highlights that we are left with:

1. New garden planter boxes full of herbs on the playground at John Muir Elementary!
These planters were reconstructed, repainted, and planted with lavender, rosemary, lamb’s ears and yarrow, thanks to Rebuilding Together.

2. New mostly Native Plant Garden!
We planted the old school garden with lots of native plants, and pruned back the plants that were already there. We hope this will now be a place where students can come to learn about native plants and their uses, observe native wildlife, and learn the importance of preserving native habitat. It is beautiful, and we look forward to all the changes that will come as all the plants grow in and get wild!

3. Tree wells on Webster and Page get a makeover!
The tree wells were reconstructed, repainted, weeded and seeded with California wildflowers. They are now brightly colored, and look like a rainbow as you walk up the street. It looks so much more cheerful and beautiful on those blocks now, it made a huge difference.

4. Improved Shade Garden at Koshland!
Rebuilding Together also spent a lot of time at Koshland, adding and sifting compost to lots of beds, repairing our compost sifter, hauling bricks out to the new Native Plant garden, and helping us arrange the new herb bed, soon to be completed! The best was the improvements in the Shade Garden- they planted a few different Columbine and two Coral Bells that look gorgeous. Check it out!

A million thanks, it all looks so beautiful. We cannot say enough good things about all the great work Rebuilding Together did with us, we hope to have them back soon!

Check out photos at:

March Workparty!

One Brick and SF Rec and Park made a great impact on our park and garden today. We were able to finally weed and mulch the tree wells on the South end of Page Street, which looks incredible now. For a while it was looking pretty desolate down there!

There was a lot of great enthusiasm which allowed us to really get down to business and pull out the bulk of winter weeds that the rain had brought, and spread most of our endless mulch pile of woodchips in their place. A thick blanket of those woodships should keep the weeds at bay until maybe even next winter?! One can hope…

During the day our hardworking volunteers were filmed and photographed by the Chrissy Field Center media team, who is collecting footage for an installation featuring us! We have won the title of Chrissy Field Heroes for 2008, and soon everyone will be able to see Koshland Garden and Hayes Valley Neighborhood Parks Group on display at the Chrissy Field Center!

Thank you to One Brick volunteers, SF Rec and Parks, John Muir Elementary youth, Everett Middle Schooler Karen Tran, and French International High School students for coming out to support with hard work and smiles!

March 8th Community Clean Team Work Day in the Garden!


Time: Saturday, March 8th 9AM-12PM
Place: Koshland Park, at the corner of Page and Buchanan

Come help out at Koshland Garden and Park on Saturday, March 8th!
We will be mulching, weeding, snacking, harvesting and more!
This event is part of Community Clean Team, and we will be joined in
the garden by Street Parks Youth, a project of SF Parks Trust working
to connect San Francisco Youth with the environment. Come out and meet
the folks involved in these great programs, and enjoy some time
helping out the garden! We will cancel if it rains, so let’s hope for
blue skies!

The Community Clean Team is a citywide volunteer program that partners
city agencies with residents, merchants and students to clean and
beautify San Francisco neighborhoods. – Department of Public Works

Street Parks Youth

For more info: gardenkids@gmail.com, (415) 643-3638

Koshland Garden Work Day 2/10!

Today was a fabulous day- the skies were blue and the weather was lovely!

A bunch of folks made it out to the garden today to help out- community gardeners, students from John Muir Elementary, Everett Middle School, neighbors and our fabulous new Garden for the Environment volunteers, Katie and Lisa!

We did a whole bunch of winter weeding, spread a new layer of mulch through the garden and the park, did some pruning and got the garden looking really great for the new semester of classes. Thank you to everyone who came out, and we look forward to seeing folks on Wednesday afternoons, 2:30-5pm, when we will begin our regular work and play time in the garden.

February Work Party!

Thanks to all of our awesome volunteers who came out to make the garden shine on February 9th! We did a lot of much needed weeding, dug around in the compost, planted and mulched.

All of this hard work makes a huge difference in the health and beauty of the garden, making it more enjoyable for everyone who comes to visit! It is always so rewarding to get to spend time with community who come out to participate in the workdays, we always have a lot of fun, and this time it was great to have dogs and babies keeping us company!

Making Holiday Wreaths

We had a lovely time last weekend making wreaths and cards for the holidays. We gathered in the community room at Hayes Valley South with the support of the Community Partners United. Students from John Muir Elementary and youth in the neighborhood came together to decorate holiday cards and make their own wreaths out of all natural and recycled materials. Along with making cards to take home, we made cards to put into the food boxes which will be distributed throughout the neighborhood in a couple weeks. The wreaths looked great this year with sprigs of rosemary, sage, wheat, holly berries and more!

Thank you to everyone who came out and got crafty with us for the holidays! Y

Harvest Festival

Today was a blast! Despite the cold and gray weather, tons of volunteers came out to help us plant over 500 flower bulbs that will bloom and bring color to the park this spring! Thank you to Helping Hands, the French International School, community gardeners, neighbors, and John Muir Elementary School students for all their hard work!

The weeding, planting and beautifying of the park went from 10-1pm, and afterwards everyone went inside the community center at Hayes Valley South to get warm and celebrate with yummy veggie burgers, tofu dogs, and potluck salad. Ami, Amar, and a bunch of John Muir kids bravely kept the BBQ going in the rain, and brought us lots of warm food. Even in they were having loads of fun helping out, and ended up with their pictures in the local newspaper!

Indoors we listened to the sweet tunes of Michael Musika and Ledbetter, and the kids played their own CD’s and had a huge sing-along with choreographed dances. It was awesome. Then we broke into some really messy and fun pumpkin painting, and made all sorts of crafts from collages, bookbinding, finger knitting- anything we could make from the paper and glitter that Ruby generously brought to share.

In the end, the kids didn’t want to leave- they asked us to have this everyday! So we will get busy, and be sure to have lots of events to keep us all warm and laughing through winter. We look forward to Wreath Making, coming up soon! Z