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Three Cheers for the Green Team!

Green Team Members and Volunteers at Rosa Parks Salad Day – 3.14.2018
Green Team Members and Volunteers at Rosa Parks Salad Day – 3.14.2018

As the school year comes to a close, we want to share our gratitude and highlight the Rosa Parks Green Team.

This group of parents are incredible advocates for CommunityGrows’ programs at Rosa Parks Elementary School. They work behind the scenes on fundraising and outreach projects, they’re instrumental in planning and implementing monthly Salad Days with us, and they host garden workdays for Rosa Parks families and neighboring communities. We cannot thank them enough for all of their support and dedication!

The coming school year will bring some transitions within the Green Team, as their current lead member Jocelyn graduates after four years with the group. Green Team member Mie is excited to step into the role, and was kind enough to sit down and talk to us about her involvement with the program. 

Mie has been involved with the Green Team for the last three years. She was initially drawn to participate because of how they combined food, health, and the outdoors all in one program. She enjoys working with a program that engages all the students in the school and finds it rewarding to see the kids hugging the chickens, eating salad, and creating beautiful spaces on campus.

RP Student in Lower Garden with Butterfly Wings

On the role of the garden spaces at Rosa Parks Elementary, Mie says that the visual impact changes the feel of the campus, softening and beautifying the outdoor spaces. Accessible and inviting, all of the students get a chance to experience the garden classrooms each year during our seven-week environmental education and nutrition courses. Mie believes that eating well is a skill that all children should have the opportunity to learn, and that being able to see, taste, and learn from our Garden Educator, Anna, helps to get kids excited about the material they are being taught.


For Mie, one of the best parts about being on Green Team are the weekend workdays. She is inspired by the dedication from the parents, some whom even stay late to finish projects! The bonding that happens at these events, in addition to the actual work done, strengthens the community identity at Rosa Parks. See photos from the Green Team’s latest workday below.

Rosa Parks Workday – 4.28.2018

Mie's Daughter

CommunityGrows gives three cheers for the Rosa Parks Green Team!

Yummy Salad Day at Rosa Parks

2.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_0018 On Thursday, February 8th, thanks to a grants from Kaiser-Permanente and Atena Corporation, CommunityGrows was able to partner with the Green Team at Rosa Parks Elementary School to offer a monthly Salad Day. One of the parents on the Green Team, Jocelyn Herndon, was able to secure delicious produce from Whole Foods on California Street for the day. The morning was spent washing and chopping tomatoes, jicama, apples, carrots and oranges for the salad and crudités.2.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_0012 Then off to the cafeteria to offer the bounty to the students. Everyone loves Salad Day and lined up to fill their plates. 2.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_0068 Parents from the Green Team also went around the room offering seconds to everyone. 2.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_0074Student monitors helped everyone recycle their leftovers. 2.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_0063Another highlight of the lunch time was receiving a healthy sticker for eating the salad. The stickers were a great hit!2.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_00522.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_00322.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_0055 Thank you everyone for making the Salad Day a great success!2.8.17-RP-SaladDay_IMG_0053

Salad Days at John Muir

img_20160915_114649382_topThanks to a grant from Kaiser-Permanente Community Benefit Program, CommunityGrows is able to continue offering Salad Days at John Muir School. With a great donation of organic greens, carrots and cucumbers from Veritable Vegetable. Salad is prepped in the Parents’ Room of the school and taken to the cafeteria at lunch time. We make three huge bowl of salad and everyone in the school gets to enjoy it. We are proud to be able to be cultivating healthy youth, especially at John Muir Elementary School!img_20160915_114513644img_20160915_114328066

Salad Day at John Muir Elementary School

4.29.16-JMES-SaladDay_IMG_6666Friday, April 29, 2016 was Salad Day at John Muir Elementary School. Thanks to a grant from Kaiser-Permanente, CommunityGrows is able to provide delicious salad for all the students at John Muir. 4.29.16-JMES-SaladDay_IMG_6657The students and teachers love to partake and come back for seconds. 4.29.16-JMES-SaladDay_IMG_6660We were very fortunate to have a huge donation from Gus’s Community Market on 17th Street and Harrison. 4.29.16-JMES-SaladDay_IMG_6670Produce included organic salad greens, red, yellow and green peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tangelos and oranges. Three huge bowls disappeared in no time. Everyone loves Salad Day!4.29.16-JMES-SaladDay_IMG_6655

Parents at Rosa Parks are Awesome!

2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5549On Wednesday, February 2, 2016 parents came together to prepare for a monthly Salad Day at Rosa Parks Elementary. Many of the parents are part of the Green Team that helps us raise money for CommunityGrows garden educators at Rosa Parks. They devote their mornings once a month to gathering produce (some from the Rosa Parks Gardens and some donated by Whole Foods on California Street). Then begins the task of washing and spinning the lettuce, grating and cutting carrots and apples and assembling trays of the delicious salad. We want to particularly give a shout out to Regina Deacon, Bret Lobree, Debra Price-Seo and Jocelyn Herndon, picture below, 2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5560as well as Mie Yaginuma and Miné Ikep pictured below with Cha’Shay Woldridge, our Rosa Parks Garden Assistant. 2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5563These folks, and many others like Barb Fujimoto, and Chris and Wayne Hiroshima (grandparents)  have been devoted to the school and garden and salad days for a long time. After Cha’Shay started the morning off harvesting kale from the garden, she joined the parents to prepare the salad. Satsuma oranges, apples, carrots, cucumbers, and a organic leaf lettuce mix were topped off by broccoli and arugula flowers.

2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5564Miné Ipek created a delicious salad dressing a few year back that is used for Salad Days and sold at fund raisers for the school. The dressing consists of chopped carrots, celery, onions, apples, and ginger blended with soy sauce, vinegar and salad or olive oil. Delicious! Once the students begin to arrive in the cafeteria they happily devour the salad until every shift of students has been served and the salad bowls are empty. 2.3.16-RP=SaladDay_IMG_5553It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic the youth are about eating salad and enjoying Salad Day. After checking out Salad Day we went out to the upper garden to see what Jay Jordan, our CommunityGrows Rosa Parks Garden Educator was up to. He was between classes and designing a new layout for the garden. Thanks to all the recent rain, paths were made to collect the water so that it wouldn’t lie in puddles. Through those paths a new layout for the garden emerged. 2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5591The rain was also a welcome gift because it filled the new water catchment cisterns installed in December. Both cisterns are full with water now for the garden. 2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5589The new Rosa Parks greenhouse is just beginning to take shape and shelves will be installed soon. In the meantime, sweet potatoes are growing inside. 2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5585In digging the paths, Jay uncovered a huge boulder and will have fun removing it in a few days with Ziek McCarter, another CommunityGrows garden assistant. 2.3.16-RP-SaladDay_IMG_5580Students are growing and eating healthy thanks to all the wonderful people who come together at Rosa Parks. Thank you for partnering with CommunityGrows! We really appreciate you all!  For more photos see our Flickr Photostream here.


John Muir Salad Days are here again!

IMG_3470With a grant from Kaiser-Permanente we are honored to offer Salad Days again this year at John Muir Elementary School. CommunityGrows staff Melissa Tang and Cha’Shay Woldridge joined Advisory Board member Casey Johnson in the morning Friday, October 2nd, 2015 to cut and peel organic vegetables, donated by Veritable Vegetable. IMG_3468Carrots from Something Good Organics were shaved and HoneyCrisp apples from Cuyama Orchards apples were cored and sliced, and then combined with a spring mix of greens from Jayleaf. IMG_3487Even though most of us shaved off a little of our fingertips, the morning and lunch were a huge success. In the cafeteria, waves of students came by to get salads and enjoy seconds. IMG_3500Three big bowls were gone in no time. A delicious party. Stay tuned for more salad days at John Muir Elementary School throughout the year. IMG_3492For more photos, check out our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.