“Can we make a green salad every week?”

-Abdul, 4th grader

We cultivate healthy youth through growing gardens in low-income, diverse communities.

We believe deeply in what we do and the change that we are able to make right here in San Francisco. We teach gardening, cooking, and healthy living to our youth, providing them with amazing outdoor experiences right here in the Western Addition.

BEETS applications now available!


Now through September 9th, we’re accepting applications for our newly expanded Fall and Spring BEET team! This year we are learning how to build container gardens so youth will gain skills around landscape design, budgeting and project management.

June at Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club


In the span of just over a month, kids at Willie Mays have gone on a culinary adventure to eight different countries – from Japan to Brazil, Ethiopia, (and many places in-between)!



Since 1994, CommunityGrows has been planting seeds in schools and in neighborhood gardens, inspiring our youth to live healthier lives and become leaders in their communities. We have big plans to expand and deepen our impact in 2016, your support makes all the difference!