“Can we make a green salad every week?”

-Abdul, 4th grader

We cultivate healthy youth through growing gardens in low-income, diverse communities.

We believe deeply in what we do and the change that we are able to make right here in San Francisco. We teach gardening, cooking, and healthy living to our youth, providing them with amazing outdoor experiences right here in the Western Addition.

Ugly (yummy!) vegetables


“What makes this carrot prettier than that one?”
“Believe it or not, this carrot tastes exactly the same as that one!”
“That’s a pickle? But why is it so… white?” Oh I get it… It tastes just like a pickle, it’s just an ugly pickle.”

Salads and Smiles


Using produce grown at Koshland Garden during their garden classes, and supplemented by donations from  by Veritable Vegetable and support from Kaiser Permanente, CG staff and volunteers prepare and serve delicious salad!


Photo by Duy Ho | http://duyhophotography.com

Please join us on Wednesday, November 16th at Joey the Cat Arcade for a night of fun and games, including classic skeeball, hoop shot, air hockey, pinball and more! In addition to free arcade games, music and food, there will be a raffle tickets to win one of our amazing prizes.