Environmental Education

Environmental Education
About the Program

The Environmental Education program connects elementary-age students with the natural world through hands-on experiences in outdoor learning gardens.

CommunityGrows uses an inquiry-based teaching style that fosters emergent learning throughout our in-school and outside-of-school classes. In each garden, students practice expressing curiosity, tending to the earth, recognizing plants and animals by name, and increasing their confidence in natural spaces. Each educator works closely with their partner sites to develop curriculum and programming that best serves their students and works for the size and location of their garden space.

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What I think is most unique about CommunityGrows's model is that it considers students' social-emotional development to be as important as their academic development. Creating a space where students can feel safe, engaged, empowered, and connected to plants and animals has a visible impact on student health and well-being”

—Anna, Garden Programs Manager

We’re growing delicious food in here!"

—Malena, 2nd grader

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