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CommunityGrows’ in Solidarity

We acknowledge the history of systemic racism and violence that has led to this urgent moment of action on behalf of Black lives. The grief and outrage caused by anti-Black violence across the US is echoed in our hearts, our neighborhoods, and in our youth.

We are committed to working towards a future that challenges and dismantles the systems that make Black communities most likely to be impacted by COVID-19, most likely to experience police violence, and most likely to be denied access to safe green spaces. We will continue to steward outdoor spaces for youth of color to thrive and grow in, as part of our vision of a more just and equitable future.

Visit our https://linktr.ee/communitygrows for Educational Resources and Ways you can Support.

“Can we make a green salad every week?”

-Abdul, 4th grader

We cultivate healthy youth through growing

gardens in low-income, diverse communities.

We believe deeply in what we do and the change that we are able to make right here in San Francisco. We teach gardening, cooking, and healthy living to our youth, providing them with amazing outdoor experiences right here in the Western Addition.

April 2020 Newsletter

20200220_111745 (4)

It’s been a hard few weeks. Self-quarantining and COVID-19 has had an impact on us all, and as our day-to-day operations change and new routines are being made, we want to keep you updated on our plans. Our top priority right now is the safety of our community, our youth, and our team.

Learn more about our shelter in place plans, crafts and activities, recipes, and other resources. Click here to see our YouTube page for garden lessons from our educators or here to visit our blog for more activities!

BEETS are Meeting Virtually

beets slide

After taking time earlier in the week to  explore articles and videos like Rebecca Solnit’s Extraordinary Achievements of Ordinary People and A Message from the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, members of the BEETs Leadership Crew facilitated a virtual discussion focused on the connection between climate change, COVID-19, and hope. Although we can’t check up on the peas and carrots we planted last month, the BEETs are staying busy during the month of April through learning about the Green New Deal, and envisioning what a hopeful, climate-resilient future could look like for all of us.

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Did you know that in the Western Addition there is only one full-service grocery store to serve over 51,000 residents? Increasing edible garden space and teaching children about the individual and community impact of healthy eating  and environmental stewardship is vital for equity and justice.