Volunteer with Us: Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Us: Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Rotating Volunteer Work Days

Check out the calendar below for opportunities to volunteer in our garden spaces!

We can only host 15 volunteers per work day, so make sure to RSVP by opening up the event details and selecting the link provided. 

If you have any questions, they can be directed to info@communitygrows.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

In-school classes are scheduled Monday-Friday 8am-4pm and after-school classes Monday-Friday 4pm-6pm. Volunteer dates and times mirror our educators class schedules (30-60 minutes/class). Please note that each grade has a 7-9 week session of garden classes, after which the class schedule (dates/times) will change for the next grade. This means volunteer schedules will also continue to change throughout the year. 

    • Step 1: Read the volunteer page thoroughly, including the FAQs. If you think you will be able to commit to 8 consecutive weeks of volunteering, and that your availability allows you to become involved, reach out to the volunteer coordinator and express which projects you’re interested in. 
    • Step 2: Interview with the volunteer coordinator to find the best volunteer fit for you and CommunityGrows. 
    • Step 3: Review and fill out the New Volunteer Packet, Volunteer Agreement, and get a LiveScan fingerprint. 
    • Step 4: When the paperwork is approved, schedule a time to meet the educator and tour the site you will be working at. 

We ask that volunteers commit to working with us for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks.

18 years old (see weekend workdays and special events for youth volunteer opportunities).