Our Impact

Our Impact
By working learning playing

 in the garden, students learn a variety of lifelong skills

Alongside academic growth, our garden and cooking classes are a place for youth to experience the social-emotional benefits of engaging with nature, develop their innate curiosity, and learn to become scientific thinkers.


"Why do some trees' leaves fall and some don't? What kind of flower can I plant in fall?"

Emotional Intelligence

"By being gentle to all the creatures, I am helping them feel safe here!"

Scientific Thinking

"Thanks for teaching us about photosynthesis because before I was in your class I didn’t know what that was"

Growth Opportunities with Leadership Crew

BEETs who return to the program for a 2nd or 3rd year have the opportunity to join our BEETs Leadership Crew. Leadership Crew members get a pay raise and additional responsibilities and leadership mentoring from CommuntiyGrows staff. LCrew members: 

  • Support in interviewing new BEETs 
  • Plan and facilitate online and in-person sessions
  • Take the lead on event and workshop planning
  • Serve as role models for new BEETs interns

Depending on what each LCrew member is hoping to work on, our staff works with them to support their unique learning interests and growth opportunities! To read more about LCrew in their own words, check out our post here!

Multiple Touchpoints

We aim to engage young people to grow with us starting in the garden when they are kindergarteners, in the kitchens as they near middle school, and taking on leadership roles as teenagers. Our BEETs participants come full circle as they teach classes to the younger students.




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