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 Since 1994, CommunityGrows has been planting seeds in schools and in community gardens, inspiring our local community. For 20 years, we`ve inspired our local community and played an important part in the growth and nurturing of our kids.

 To celebrate our 20 years, we`ve come up with 20 great reasons why you should continue your amazing support for CommunityGrows.

1) First grader Floyd wants to be a garden teacher when he grows up!

2) Every kid deserves to dig for worms.

3) Teens get to be mentors to the little kids in garden classes.

4) Youth love singing garden songs with Mr. Ezekiel.

5) Youth get to feed the chickens and see how many eggs they lay each day.


6) The gardens give us the space to find quiet peace and heal.

7) Kids get to grow, pick and eat fresh strawberries.

8) Students at John Muir use microscopes to identify a fruit fly`s head, thorax and abdomen.

9) Youth often left out are involved in positive programs.

10) Teens in the BEETS program go on to graduate high school, attend college and get jobs.

11) Kids learn how to cook healthy food then make it at home!

12) While eating a salad with ingredients picked fresh from the garden, one student exclaimed, “This is the best salad ever!”

13) Youth learn not just about plants, but how to treat each other and the earth with love and respect.

14) Staff sincerely care for youth, beyond the hours and requirements of our programs.

15) “We put our feet in the ocean for the first time!” -BEETs interns

16) Youth learn about the importance of bees while visiting their hives and tasting their honey.

17) “I`d like my officers to have your garden rules: listen, ask questions, be safe, be kind, be respectful, be responsible” – Chief of Police, Greg Suhr

18) “I got to put up a tent and make a fire. I`ve never done that before.”

19) Our staff grows science knowledge for the entire community.

20) “Now we don`t have to spend money at Popeye’s, we can just make our own biscuits!”b210001

Online donation system by ClickandPledge