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BEETS Work at Alemany Farm

1.21.17-MT_AlemanyFarm_IMG_2441On Saturday January 21, 2017 The BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) spent the day at Alemany Farm in San Francisco helping out with their workday. 1.21.17-MT_AlemanyFarm_IMG_2468They were able with CommunityGrows staff Melissa Tang and Jay Jordan, as well as other volunteers, to plant cabbage and collard greens, flip compost, wood chip muddy areas and harvested some winter veggies. 1.21.17-MT_AlemanyFarm_IMG_24811.21.17-MT_AlemanyFarm_IMG_2485Best of all everyone was done before it started raining! This day was a great way to celebrate our commitment to food justice–helping to increase access to healthy foods in our poorer neighborhoods.

Youth Summit at Alemany Farm

On Saturday, July 16, 2016 CommunityGrows hosted a youth day for urban agriculture for Bay Area teens at Alemany Farm. These eco-literacy teen groups included Pie Ranch, Friends of the Urban Forest, Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ), Urban Sprouts, and the Cultural Conservancy. 7.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_6893They came together to celebrate each other’s work, and discuss their hopes, dreams, and visions for a more just, sustainable and peaceful world. After some ice-breaking activities that were loads of fun,7.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_69307.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_6932 Brandi Mack, of the Black Permaculture network lead an hour-long discussion and exploration about Permaculture, especially how it relates to youth of color today. Her talk was about how “Everything is in the Garden”, honoring the earth for our heritages and ancestors. 7.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_6944A delicious lunch was offered of hummus wraps, salads (provided by CommunityGrows), roasted veggie (harvested from Alemany Farm),7.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_6956 and hot dogs, buns and sauerkraut (provided by the Cultural conservancy), and dessert. 7.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_69617.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_69547.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_6953After lunch there were breakout sessions to make medicine bundles (workshop lead by the Cultural Conservancy), a mobile nursery transplanting activity (organized by LEJ), sketching of plants, making origami and other work activities throughout the farm. 7.16.16-Alemany-YouthSummit_IMG_6904This event was sponsored by Aetna Corporation, Nature’s Voices Project, and numerous CommunityGrows donors including Angelique Farrow, Steve Allen, Pam Jackson, Nancy Osborne Almquist, Avni Desai, Chuck Gould, Yvonne Koshland, Leah Cerri, and Christine Pielenz.

Classes at Alemany Farm

BEST-IMG_0675-SFWWednesday, March 2, 2016 CommunityGrows started teaching classes at Alemany Farm thanks to a grant from Aetna Foundation Local Roots Program. Judy Jue and David Banks brought their youth from Vision Academy to tour the farm. They were able to taste mint and sample nectar from pineapple sage flowers, smell geraniums and rosemary. Adrian Almquist, CommunityGrows Garden Programs Manager talked about bees, and help the youth identify many plants and flowers. At the end of the class they were all able to harvest lettuce and take it home.

We’re so excited to have expanded our programming into the Outer Mission/Excelsior ! Since the start of this year, Adrian has been meeting with members of theThe Friends of Alemany Farm, Rec and Park representatives and community members to build a strong, community-based garden and cooking program based at the Farm. We’re excited to watch it grow!