BEETS make Salsa

2.25.14-BEETS-Salsa_IMG_5453On Tuesday, February 25th the BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) had a great discussion about sodas and sugar. We guessed how much sugar was in various sodas and were surprised that there was so much. We talked about how sodas don’t actually satisfy hunger the way solid food calories do and that soda add a lot of calories. These liquid calories, we learned, have made soda and other sugary beverages a huge contributor to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and tooth decay. It was a wake-up call.
The next part of the afternoon we broke up in teams of twos and got to make our favorite salsas. Then we had a contest to see which salsa was the overall best, most original, and most creative. Everyone had a good time chopping up ingredients and tasting the salsa entries. A great way to end the afternoon.2.25.14-BEETS-Salsa_IMG_5534