CommunityGrows Garden Party Fund-A-Need

On Saturday, October 15th we had a great Garden Party in Koshland Garden to raise money for our BEETS Program (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens).
Gabe Dominguez band (Shake Your Peace!) performed as well as Diana Gameros, a favorite San Francisco singer/songwriter. Diana mostly performs traditional Latin music but in her own modern, soulful, and passionate style. Diana’s original music is enchanting indie pop infused with her strong Latin heritage. Her band included Caroline Chung and Patrick Wolff.

During the presentations, Oscar Wolters-Duran, past CommunityGrows board chair and Jason Boarde, advisory board member, BEETS volunteer and SFSU Environmental Studies student, introduced the BEETS and did a live auction. People held up bid card and donated to support the BEETS Program. All of the BEETS got to talk about how the program has affected them and what they have learned. It was a very inspiring presentation.

Trash Mash-Up worked with the younger youth in the play-structure building arts and crafts and having a great time. Great food was provided by Absinthe, Chili Cha Cha Thai, Florence Cepeda’s Emergency Desserts, Greens Restaurant, Hayes & Kebabs, Hint Beverage, Kate’s Kitchen, Palmyra, Rotee, Safeway, Samovar, Stacks and Starbuck!

A special thanks to Harold Nelson, Auria Styles, Nora Brereton, Jo Mestelle, Barbara Fujimoto, Judith Keenan, Beth Sachnoff, Bob Barnwell, Jason Boarde, Cheryl Clarke, Lisa Drogin, Lynn Engel, Renee Meiffren, Tim McGee, Ilene Oba, Thea Selby, Dianna Stewart, Oscar Wolters-Duran, and the fabulous group of honor students from the College of San Mateo’s Alpha Gamma Sigma society!

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