Distanced Cooking Classes!

This year has brought many curve-balls. How we’ve been preparing for and conducting our classes has been unlike any other, but our teachers are rising to the challenge, and are dedicated to giving their students something special. Our wonderful educator Yaya and partners at Booker T. have been working together to create an innovative new way to do live distanced cooking classes. We’ve done cooking classes in the past— but not like these! When Yaya leads the class, she is in a separate room from the students and as she prepares the recipes they are able to follow along by viewing her on a television. It’s a rather high tech situation (for us) as she’s mic’d up, there are several camera angles, and even a greenscreen!  Check out this gallery of her setup and the class in action:

Yaya in Action

On Thursday, October 22nd, the class made a ranch-like dip using a variety of herbs, including basil from one of our gardens :)

Together the class practiced their whisking, chopping and mincing skills while learning how to make a healthy treat. Two of Yaya’s highlights were finding out that one student decided to chop her carrots into the dip, and that her teachers tried it and said it was delicious! Another one was when a younger student didn’t like the dip he made because he didn’t like the carrots, but when he tried it with the pita he was literally bouncing with excitement about it. 

Nutritious Eating

Nutritious eating is important for our youth, and has long been a value of CommunityGrows. We’re so grateful that we can continue bringing tasty and healthy treats to local kids and help them develop a taste for what is green.

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