Fillmore Farmers Market with Oasis for Girls!

On Saturday, April 6, under cloudy skies and drizzle, eight BEETS joined seven young women from Oasis for Girls at the Fillmore Farmers Market for a day of learning and fun.
Kicking off the day with an ice-breaker game to get to know each other, they then broke into groups and went on a scavenger hunt through the market. They were to find farmers who travel less than 50 miles, ask vendors about their organic practices, and try out new fruits and vegetables. They learned a lot about pesticides, and ladybugs, Pomelos and Yuzu Kabosu Sudachi Citrus Fruit, goose eggs, daikons, and mustard greens. They got to buy their top favorites for the group and ended up with pistachios, almonds, oranges, apples, strawberries, kiwis, carrots, peas,and some samosas to top off the list. Then a walk back to Koshland Park where BEETS interns lead garden tours for the Oasis for Girls group. Finally at the Hayes Valley Youth Center everyone prepared a wonderful meal together. A perfect day and lots of great photos below. Thank you Oasis for Girls. It was a pleasure spending the day with you. For even more photos, check out our Flickr Photostream here.