Green Gulch Farm with Up-on-Top and BEETS

6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1605On Tuesday June 23, 2015 CommunityGrows staff took a bus-load of youth from Up on Top organization and the BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) to Green Gulch Farm for the day. 6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1647Under sunny skies and after name tags, check-ins and a visit to the temple, the groups split up to enjoy the farm.6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1723

6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1752 6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1784The BEETS toured with Sukey Parmelee, who has lived at Green Gulch for many years and serves as “land advocate,” caring for the watershed and the grounds. Since the BEETS are focusing on Water Conservation this summer, Sukey talked with them about and led them through the Green Gulch watershed which goes from Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach. She said the residents of the farm get approximately one-gallon of water per person per day to use for all purposes.6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1670
Both groups, Up-on-Top ad the BEETS got to learn about large-scale composting, how the bees are cared for and what is involved in running the farm. 6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1787They also got to plant lettuce and chard in the garden. After lunch they all took a walk through the lower field to Muir Beach, passing horses on the way.IMG_20150623_132039167_TOP A great day had by all. Thank you Sukey and the great volunteer docents, Onie, Doug, and Audrey, and Dianna and Justin from the garden crew.6.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_16246.23.15-GGF-BEETS-UpOnTop_IMG_1689 IMG_20150623_113708273For more photos see our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.