Health Faire at Ella Hill

IMG_1348Saturday, August 5, 2017 was an overcast day, but that didn’t stop hundreds of kids and families coming out to the Health Faire at Ella Hill Hutch. The rewards were getting fully-loaded backpacks to start school. Many organizations and health agencies gave these families an opportunity to learn about resources in the community. There was an Emergency Response Team, IMG_1326dental screenings, IMG_1325and mental health organizations that joined the YMCA, KIPP, the National Parks and many others, including CommunityGrows. IMG_1340Staff members Adrian Almquist and Jay Jordan were on hand to offer healing herbs, free seeds and more information about our programs. IMG_1344Jay prepared a presentation on gratitude, including sage and rosemary. Face-painting was a popular activity too. IMG_1321Outside, food trucks, jumpy houses and games keep everyone happy while waiting in long lines to go through the resources to get the free backpacks. IMG_1351IMG_1352More photos from the day here.