Mrs. Jefferson’s Kindergarden at Rosa Parks

5.20.13-RosaParks-Kimball_IMG_0416Who could ask for a better day? Today, May 20, 2013 the Kinder-gardener’s in Ms. Jefferson’s class got a treat! Out to the garden in the morning to start the week at Rosa Parks! After a lesson in harvesting and identifying plants, everyone got to pick vegetables to take home to their families. Snap peas, fava beans, dinosaur kale, lettuce, Calendula flowers and strawberries. The youth were joined by Mr. Hector Melendez, Senior Program Officer of the Kimball Foundation who came along to see us in action. Even in Kindergarden these students knew the difference between snap peas and fava beans, and why the kale was named “dinosaur”. [It resembles the skin of a dinosaur, so they say!].