Wreaths and Cards Start the Holidays!

12-3-16-wreath_img_9037On Saturday, December 3, 2016, CommunityGrows held its thirteenth annual Wreath and Card Making event in the Western Addition. This event, which took place at Hayes Valley South Community Room, is a chance for us to thank all our partners and friends for supporting us this year, and helping us cultivate healthy youth by growing gardens in low-income, diverse communities. The BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens), a program of CommunityGrows for 15-19-year-old teens, helped to run the afternoon event. 12-3-16-wreath_img_9066They assisted families and other youth in making wreaths and writing cards. Frances Neagley, from the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association, presided over the card-making activities, 12-3-16-wreath_img_9050along with help from four great sophomores from University High School, Isabel Glen, Fiona Brauer, Sophie Nagle and Jackie Fong. 12-3-16-wreath_img_9107We were also thrilled to have a group of residents from the Walden Academy join us and make wreaths. 12-3-16-wreath_img_9120The afternoon was filled with creativity and fun, 12-3-16-wreath_img_911212-3-16-wreath_img_908312-3-16-wreath_img_9047with everyone enjoying each others’ company, holiday music, hot apple cider, and pizza. 12-3-16-wreath_img_909012-3-16-wreath_img_9122Thank you to everyone for a successful afternoon. 12-3-16-wreath_img_911612-3-16-wreath_img_9126For more photos, please check out our Flickr Photostream here.