Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day!

Martin Luther King Jr. day has become one of the most activated and volunteered days, and continues to motivate the community. Even after so many years, MLK has inspired most Americans to do better and unite for a better future.

On Monday, January 20th, 2020, CommunityGrows again had the opportunity to work and partner with the African American Arts & Culture Complex. This year, we gave back to our community by having our volunteers pick up trash and weeds from our AAACC garden. They also trimmed the trees and after the clean up, we had a chance to plant lettuce, green onions, purple flowers and more.

Lastly, we walked to Buchannan Mall Garden to clean it up and plant more lettuce, onions, and plants in those garden plots as well.

Thank you to our volunteers for giving back yesterday, we appreciate you as always. Hope to see you again next year!