New Series: “What’s in Season Wednesday?”


Today we are kicking off our new and exciting series, “What’s In Season Wednesday?” on our CommunityGrows Instagram page. We’re sharing every Wednesday different fruits and vegetables in local grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and gardens that are harvested this time of year. Eating and shopping seasonal produce benefit local farms, our bodies, and the environment. Keep reading down below to learn why you should eat seasonal food the next time you go to your favorite restaurant or buy groceries from your local farmers’ market!

They taste better! When you eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, they taste better, fresher, and are more nutritious than those consumed out of season. For example, during the month of October in the Bay Area, it is the best time to eat avocados and make some of that delicious avocado toast. Those avocados picked at their peak of ripeness are also better tasting and full flavor compared to those harvested earlier.

They are fresher! Seasonal produce grown on local farms is fresher since they don’t need to be transported from far places. Produce that spends less time on the road helps reduce the carbon footprint on the earth and helps better the environment. Studies have even shown that fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients when given the opportunity to ripe naturally on their parent plant.

Supports local businesses! Buying locally grown food helps support local farms and ensures that vital space stays in the community. Even in a city setting (like San Francisco!), there are over 13 fresh farmers’ markets and community gardens. When you buy from your nearby farmers’ market, you help support the city’s economy and generate jobs.

To learn more about other tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables, visit and follow our Instagram page and click on the stories tab, “Season Wed.”