Summer 2015 BEETS Graduation

8.6.15-BEETS-Graduation_IMG_2992On Thursday, August 4, 2015 twelve teens from our CommunityGrows BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) program had a graduation ceremony at Hayes Valley Apartments Community Room. Teens Adrian Castano-Romero, Vinh Houng, Sola Yamamoto, Meena Khan, Caelan Chen, Carlos Cruz, Amanda Jack, Charome Thomas, Monique Adams, Venyse Sims, Greshell Mendoza and Ivan Galdamez were awarded certificates of completion, along with other gifts. Friends, family and Advisory Board member Jennie Carpenter joined us for the celebration. 8.6.15-BEETS-Graduation_IMG_2949
There was a slide show of all the events they partook in this summer, including working in various garden sites and summer classes, going on a camping trip in the Presidio, visiting Green Gulch Farm, studying water conservation, doing a Food Justice Youth Summit at Pie Ranch, working tables at Hayward RecConnect Carnival and National Night Out, doing workdays—including one with Literacy for Environmental Justice and Girls 2000, and participating in the Mo’Magic mentoring series. Thank you BEETS for doing such a fine job this summer with CommunityGrows, under the amazing leadership of Melissa Tang, BEETS Program Manager.8.6.15-BEETS-Graduation_IMG_29558.6.15-BEETS-Graduation_IMG_3000